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Product Catalog

UFR Essentials is a well-being and spiritual healing brand that offers an assortment of products including essential oils, balms, spray and roll ons all inclusive of bidara/sidr essential oil with ruqyah recitation. 

UFR Essentials uses natural ingredients and traditional methods to craft our products.

Whether you're looking to relax, improve your well-being or ward off negative energy, UFR Essentials have a product for you.

Signature Series

UFR Essentials' signature series is our most popular product line, which includes a variety of essential oils, balms and sprays all inclusive of ruqyah recitation.


The signature series is designed to offer a wide range of spiritual and physical benefits, including warding off negative energy, enhanced spiritual awareness, and improved overall well-being. These products are crafted using natural ingredients and traditional methods, and designed to be both effective and user-friendly.

Aromatherapy Series

UFR Essentials' Aromatherapy Series is a collection of products and blends that are designed to target anxiety and depression.


Each product or blend has been formulated with specific therapeutic properties in mind, such as lavender for its calming and relaxing effect, rosemary for its uplifting properties, and ylang-ylang for its anti-depressant properties.


When used correctly, these aromatherapy products can work to soothe and calm the body and mind, providing relief from depression and anxiety symptoms.

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